• Monday I came back from Berlin after an amazing weekend at JSConf EU. I came back very sleep deprived but super inspired. I think I had 8 hours sleep in total over 48 hours, and I’m pretty sure my blood was 80% alcohol but it was such a great conference. I loved it last year and loved it again this year. So many great talks and so many wonderful people. I also love Berlin, so any excuse to go back there I’m happy with.

  • Adam and I started watching Chernobyl, WOW!! If you’ve not seen it yet I highly recommend it. It’s a docu-series so even though not all the characters are real, you really start to understand how in-denial all the people inside the power station were when it happened.

  • I filled in the application form for XOXO conference a few weeks back and then heard this week that I have a ticket. Absolutely buzzing. I joined their Slack channel too, they have so many channels on there that I’ve joined. Also found out a friend from London (who now lives in Toronto) is going to be there too which is exciting.

  • Tomorrow Adam and I head back to Canada so the last few days I’ve been down south saying my goodbyes. I’m so excited for summer in Whistler; biking, hiking and camping but saying goodbye the family is always super hard.

KC x

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