So it’s official I’m taking a 3 month from tech. Well, not the tech world completely as I’ll be doing lots of codebar work during this time. But the day-to-day work life of coding I’m taking a break from.

I’ve wanted to take a little break for a while now. Not because I don’t enjoy my job because I do still love it, and the work I’ve been doing with Hive over the last year has been super exciting. But a 3/4 month break is needed for many reasons.

1) codebar - we are currently going through the process of becoming a charity so there is lots of paperwork that needs filling out. Codebar has always been something that we do in our spare time, but we’re now running 24 chapters with 75 volunteers, which means codebar also needs some TLC. There are also a bunch of things with codebar that I’ve wanted to experiment with but never had the time, so now I will 😀

2) A break - ever since I was 16 I’ve worked. I worked Saturdays and Sundays throughout college and university because I needed money to live. Barely ever getting a day off. I then finished university and started working straight away. So I never took the normal break between these big life events like some people. But now I want some time out to think about my life and process if it’s going in the direction I want.

3) Do something different - I’ve got a part-time job on the lifts here in Whistler. I’ll be working in the validation team, so stood at the bottom of the lifts making sure everyone who goes up has a valid pass.

4) Oh and of course snowboard loads!! 🏂 I’ve got my hands on a splitboard this season so my I plan is to start exploring the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry.

Me on a snowmobile
Me recently on a snowmobile tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures

I’m currently in this weird state where I have free time and I’m not 100% sure what to do with myself so if you’ve ever taken a career break I’d love to hear from you.

KC x

P.S Make sure to follow along with my travels on Instagram, currently I’m based in Whistler so expect videos of me trying to snowboard 😂 and shots of snowy mountains.