I have been in the mountain for 3 months now and I can safely say I love it. Having always lived in cities I did wonder how I would find being in a fairly small place where you walk down the one main street and always see the same faces. But with views like this, what is there not to love.

The view whilst drinking a beer in Flegere

The main part of mountain life that I am enjoying is the feeling of peace and relaxation that is something I have not felt in a long time. This could be because moving cities every 1 or 2 months you know you don’t have long in a place so you’re trying to do and see everything whilst working. I have 4.5 months in Chamonix so have no desire to rush and see everything. If I want to stay home in the evening and play Ticket to Ride (woo) or Settlers of Catan (double woo) I can, without this feeling of anxiety that I should be doing something. Or it could be because I have a bit of routine and normality back in my life that is again something I have not had for 7 months.

Also getting to know somewhere pretty well is a nice feeling again. Going to the local supermarket and knowing (roughly) what food they sell is nice. Or thinking “Hey I need some shower gel” and knowing what shop to go to buy that thing that you need. Also seeing the same faces around town is nice, that is something that does not happen in a big city. The person in the local hot dog place now knows I do not want parsley on top. It’s great.

Also some people spend an hour commuting in the morning. Me, I spend an hour on the slopes.

KC x