I have been in Berlin for 7 weeks, it has gone ridiculously quick and I have loved almost every moment. I remember someone saying before I left the UK that I would learn more about UK culture once I’d gone. I didn’t quite fully understand what they meant at the time, but now I do.

Firstly, us Brits speak far too much. Coming from me, yes I know. Rather than just getting to the point of what it is we want we dilly daddle around the actual point. Germans are great at saying exactly what it is they want, they’re not rude they just don’t waste time. This I like a lot.

Secondly, the UK has GREAT payment systems. We take for granted that we do not have to carry money on us, we can even tap our cards on machines. It’s bloody wonderful. We can EVEN forget our card and still get by in the day by paying with our phone or watch. Making sure I always have cash on me is an extremely hard habit to break. Particularly when I hate carrying cash.

And lastly, public bike stations are bloody great and have changed my life. I was never a fan of them in London. Maybe because I had my own bike, that was admittedly better. I also, really horrible, use to look down my nose at people on them and think bloody amateurs. Which was really bad. I made this assumption about people without knowing them at all. I have used them several times in Berlin to get somewhere now - normally it is quicker and it is exercise. Oh and cheaper as a normal U-Bahn trip in Berlin will cost you $2.70 each way, whereas the bikes are $1 for every half an hour that you use them. Also I have always been a fan of cycling in cities as you get to explore it in a way you never would when you’re underground on a train. Plus, cycling around a city at night has always one of my favourite things.

KC x